7 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors in Calgary City

As a homeowner in Calgary City, Alberta province, Canada, you need to carry out routine roof repairs or replacements. That’s because your roof gets exposed to extreme weather conditions and animal presence. Birds may also perch or nest on your roof. It means your roof can experience leaks or missing shingles if not properly checked. One way of maintaining your roof is by engaging roofing contractors Calgary.

However, it can be a challenge when hiring them. That’s because some may be dishonest people out to make quick money, for example, after storms. To find the best, you need to know what questions to ask them. This post gives you 7 questions to ask contractors.

  • Can You Give Me 3 References?

One question you should ask roofing contractors Calgary is if they have at least 3 customer references. That’s because you need to be sure they have excellent previous experiences with their clients.

Keep in mind that they may cite customer privacy as a reason for not giving out references. You should insist on getting at least 2 or 3 names of clients who were impressed with their quotes and work.

  • Do You Offer Warranties For Your Work?

Another question to ask roofing contractors Calgary is if they offer guarantees for their jobs. Bear in mind that manufacturers provide warranties for the materials roofing contractors use.

The best contractors should offer you at least a year’s warranty on their jobs. You should also remember to ask if they will charge you when carrying our repairs within the warranty period.

  • Will You Do Clean Ups and Handle Permits or Licenses?

Your contractor should handle both the licenses or permits and cleanup costs. That’s because it’s them who should know what license are needed to carry out roofing repairs.

The cost of these certificates and cleanups should also reflect in their quotes. That will enable you to compare their estimates with other companies.

  • Are You Licensed?

You need someone who’s authorized to carry out roofing repairs. That’s because it gives you peace of mind that you are dealing with a professional. You may be tempted to accept a friend to fix your roof.

The downside is you can end up spending more. As the homeowner, any damage to your home or injury to unlicensed and uninsured workers will be paid by you.

  • Can I Get Written Estimates?

You should also make sure they provide you with written estimates. That’s because you don’t want somebody who offers you initial estimates verbally, then increases it as work progresses. These estimates should also include terms and conditions.

  • Do You Have Physical Addresses Within Calgary City?

Make sure they answer yes to this question. That’s because you need contractors with physical addresses in Calgary city. It enables you to reach them fast in the case of emergencies.

  • Do You Have Insurance Covers?

Make sure you hire those with insurance covers. That allows you to know they are reputable roofing contractors. It also makes you sure they are companies that mind about their workers’ safety and also your property.


Hiring roofing contractors Calgary should be easier using the above guide. Check your budget estimates and contact contractors with physical addresses in Calgary city.