7 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors in Calgary City

As a homeowner in Calgary City, Alberta province, Canada, you need to carry out routine roof repairs or replacements. That’s because your roof gets exposed to extreme weather conditions and animal presence. Birds may also perch or nest on your roof. It means your roof can experience leaks or missing shingles if not properly checked. One way of maintaining your roof is by engaging roofing contractors Calgary. However, it can be a challenge when hiring…

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Turn Everything Good As New: Practical Home Changes

At this day and age when a lot of homes have been featured not just on magazines but have been shown on television, the chances for many homeowners to look into their own home and realize just how much work needs to be done, has surely increased. Taking on the challenge of bringing a relatively older home and turning it as good as new may seem to be a difficult task for some, with many…

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Protect Your Home With These Simple Steps

There is nothing more precious than making sure that the home you live in is safe and away from any type of danger, especially if it is a home that you have lived at for a long time. Being able to keep your home protected from any kind of danger is one that you can easily do on your own as long as you are well aware of the varied methods that help to do…

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Hire Professional Residential Painters for Your Home

superexpertpaintersWhether you inherited your home or purchased it new, there will come a time where maintenance should be done not only to keep it in good condition, but also possibly to make it look fresher again.  When it comes to making a property look new and fresh again, nothing beats getting a new paint job as a new paint will definitely and significantly change how a property looks.  You can actually use different colors to give a newer appearance or simply use the old colors to make the property look new again.  As the homeowner, it is up to you on what colors should be used on the repainting of your home.

There are actually a lot of properties that are looking old as their old paint has been weathered down by the elements.  Keep in mind that it is not just the interior of the home that needs paint but also the exterior.  The exterior is open to the elements so it is more likely to weather down first than the interior.  If you want to keep the home looking all new from the outside, then a new exterior paintjob is important to give it that gleam that helps make it stand tall among the rest of the new homes.

If you want to have your home repainted, it’s not a matter of trying to do the repainting by yourself, but it is a matter of choosing which professional painting company that you hire.  For a proper paint job and best results possible, home painting should not be done as a DIY project but should be left to professional residential painters.  These people know what they are doing and will do a much better job with the painting job that you hire them for.

There are actually a lot of painting companies that offer such painting services.  There are those that cater to only small scale services and then there are those that cater to commercial scale services.  Then there are also those who provide services on both small scale and large scale.  The truth is that it does not matter what scale of work they do.  What it important is that their price is decent and that they can do the job at hand with professional results.

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Importance Of Basement Renovation

Why do people go for basement renovation? Most of the time, people who have their basement renovated are those that need the extra space. It is either they are welcoming a new member into the family or they simply want to improve their living space by adding a new room that everyone in the family can use. Normally, the basement is used for storage, but renovation turns it into the entertainment room, the family den or even the child’s playroom. All these are options for basement renovation.

However, many are still wondering why they need to renovate their basement space. If they intend it only as storage, why would others think of it differently? If you are not convinced that your basement space is worth the improvement, then here are a few reasons why you should:

  • interior_houseA basement renovation is important because it allows people to realize that their basement can be more than just the storage space that it is. Although the basement is already useful as a storage space, it can be more than just that. It can be that space in the house where everyone can gather and watch a movie together.
  • Basement renovation is important primarily because it allows the homeowner to improve their living space without spending too much. Adding a new room means double the amount you will spend if you just renovate your bathroom space. Would you spend more if you can choose to spend less and still have that extra room to use?
  • A basement renovation allows you to check on the status of the various systems in the house. From the pipes of the water system to the pipes of the gas system and even the electric system, you can have all these checked to make sure they are in perfect shape. Since all of these are located at the basement of the house, you can have the expert check it as part of their regular home maintenance.
  • More importantly, the value of the basement space is measured as to how much your home is worth after the renovation has been completed. You’d be surprised to know that after the renovation project has been completed, you can sell your home with a mark-up value of at least 30%. Who wouldn’t want to earn as much just after the spending you did on the basement.
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New Small Press Books–Where? jason will be selling some of his new books in vancouver,canada at collage collage and in bruno saskatchewan,canada at all citizens there is lots of old titles still kicking around for all you collectors at solder and sons also some old titles available at printed matter nyc also my little books at art metropole in toronto canada i have been selling book at art met since 1994 i think also check out pens and needles in sfca for oldies and forest city gallery in london ontario canada i will also be donating a few different titles to the small press archive/library in halifax,ns,canada called robert street social centre

Toronto Show Ends Today And New Press jason solo show called”in the corner there is light” in toronto canada end today at 5pm with jessica bradley art +projects march 20,2010 new press in the toronto star here gary michael dault also wrote about my show in the globe and mail ( gary turn that frown upside down) preview in toronto life magazine here view images in exhibition here. A review by leah sandels on her blog and also a full page in the nation post newspaper see a section of it here and a piece about the show on line at akimbo

Pulp Fiction New Exhibtion Press And Tour the pulp fiction tour is now done note new press in the coast weekly here , the journal , the Chronicle Herald in Halifax,Canada and also the Sackville Tribune-Post , Exhibition at Museum London (Canada). Featuring works by The Lions, Mark Bell, Amy Lockhart, Peter Thompson, Seth Scriver, Shayne Ehman etc. Jason will be working with Mark Delong along with solo work. the exhibition was in London,Ontario,Canada. ….look out for a review in the winter edition of Canadian Art and was at MOCCA Toronto,Canada and went to Saint Mary’s Univ. Halifax ,Canada . 2010 look for reviews in globe and mail,leah sandels blog(scroll down a bit) toronto star blog and the toronto star ,eye weekly, metro ,canadian art magazine online the torontist (toronto,can.),akimbo, and Blog T.O.

Secret Admirer Fundraiser Forest City Gallery Jason just recieved press today in the London Free Press newspaper in London , Canada about Mark DeLong and his work. Mark and Jason are part of the secret admirer fundraiser other artists included in the event are Amy Lockhart,Marc Bell and Peter Thompson

Nieves Book In Los Angeles Jason and Mark Delong’s Nieves book “Melaine Sheepwash”will be on display at Ogga Bogga boostore Nieves Exhitbtion in Los Angeles,CA,U.S.A. March 7-April 13,2008 Come and have a look at all Nieves publications and browse an extensive library of complementing zines and books by Nieves artists and authors. This is the first U.S. exhibition of Nieves and will feature its work from 2001 to the present.